The North Face's Mountain Athletics is Ready to Roll
The North Face’s Mountain Athletics is Ready to Roll

A long-awaited and cool collaboration with The North Face and select team members, Mountain Athletics, freshly launches with perfect timing for the transition between heart of winter and early spring. The Ski Mountaineering arm of this ‘Train Smarter’ initiative, which strengthens  the link between off-mountain gym training for better on-mountain performance, is sharply presented via several platforms on The North Face’s Mountain Athletics portal. Stories is released, starting with the Ski Mountaineering episode are designed to motivate and inspire the incorporation of proper training for greater preparedness.

The Mountain Athletics line mission and story is told through the motivations of  three outdoor athletes working with North Face team members to coach, motivate and mentor through their ‘respective workouts in hopes of reaching their boldest goals to date.’ The Ski Mountaineerings story and training program, pursued and produced in Jackson Hole and Rob Shaul’s Mountain Athlete, follows the story of stock analyst George Hein. As George sets his sights on upping the ante by climbing and skiing a little something in the Tetons, he uncovers the truth that indeed the Mountain Athletics-inspired approach is best for working ‘it all out here’ rather than working ‘it out up there.’

And…here’s a little playlist to get psyched up to train:

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