Via the Motherlode and Liz McRea

The Everest of Motherhood

We all have our own Everest to climb. On the least inspiring days, mine comes in the form of five loads of clean laundry piled on my bed, waiting to be folded. On the most inspiring days, my Everest is a giant canvas in my studio, waiting for me to find the landscape in my imagination. Whether it be an emotional journey or an overseas adventure, we all have felt the pull of a challenge and the reward of reaching a goal. However, as mothers, many of us have put our deeper call on hold. While this is a necessity for a period of time, I think it’s also just as necessary to show our children how to be women who are following our hearts, even if that leads us away from them momentarily. I find myself at times stumbling and other times dancing between the two worlds of tending to the dailyness of family life and the pursuit of my own passions. I hope that the two will someday weave in and out of each other like a braided river, waters and currents crossing and blending.

I’m inspired by women who make these two worlds work. Kit Deslauriers is a Voke TAB and North Face athlete, world-renowned mountaineer and skier, wife, mama of two, and the first person to climb and ski the highest mountain on each continent. Recently, she added author to this list and published Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits, a book recounting read entire article here